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Highline Wireless Network

Highline's Wireless Networks explained

There are 3 different Highline Wireless Networks described below. Each has a different function and capability.  All require some set-up, with instructions being listed in the "connecting" section at the bottom of this page.

Designed to used by people without a valid login.  The slowest, most restricted, least secure wireless network

The web portal network requires a campus login.  It is faster and has few restrictions.  Data is not secure between your device and the wireless router.  Easy to connect to. 

Requires a campus login.  Fast connection speed, few restrictions and secure: data is encrypted between your device and the wireless access point.  The most difficult wireless network to set-up.

How to connect to Highline Wireless

Below are links to documentation for connecting to the various Highline wireless networks from the most common operating systems.  If you have any difficulty or require additional assistance, please bring your laptop or mobile device to the IT Service Desk in Building 30, or submit a IT Service Request.

Use the Pre-Configuration Utility to automatically configure your Windows wireless settings